Tipping Point

Talking to Canberrans from every walk of life, there's a feeling that Canberra has reached a tipping point. We've come of age. Our city is growing, and our society is one of the youngest, best educated and most inclusive in Australia. Now, as we approach the end of our Centenary year, we need a new focus for the future.

Cities Need Brands

Cities may or may not have logos, visual identities or symbols, but they still have brands. It’s a shorthand for the way others think about them. For example, Paris is romance, Milan is style, New York is energy, Washington is power, Tokyo is modernity, Barcelona is culture, Rio is fun.

The way people think about cities is important when they’re making decisions about whether to visit, live or do business there. Increasingly, cities are taking more control of their brands, developing symbols and language that build on what they have and help shape what they can be.

“In today’s globalized, networked world, every place has to compete with every other place for its share of the world’s consumers, tourists, businesses, investment, capital, respect and attention.”

International place-branding authority Simon Anholt

Brands Mean Business

Put simply, having a strong brand makes good business sense. If we can attract more people and more money to Canberra it means more skills, more jobs, more services, more prosperity and a better way of life.

We want to attract and retain talented people, attract more organisations to make Canberra their headquarters, and stimulate investment. We want Canberra to be seen as an innovation hub. And we want to create a Canberra experience that’s essential for all Australians and attractive to overseas visitors.

World-class Research Organisations

Canberra’s concentration of world-class research organisations gives our business sector access to breakthrough ideas.

A brand

Brands need to be based on reality. The people we talked to identified real strengths. They saw a degree of collaboration and connection that made our city a great place to live and do business. Here, new thinking in one field drives innovation in others.

Now we’re communicating those strengths in a way that expresses the ‘soul’ of our city. There’s still a level of aspiration about the new brand, but we’ve set an agenda, a series of achievable goals to work towards over the coming years.

I’m cultured.
I’m unique.
I’m vibrant.
I’m hosting the major events.
I’m so much more.
I’m ready