Canberra Brand Strategy

Powerful brand strategies don’t emerge fully-formed in the course of a few brainstorming sessions. The Canberra brand strategy is the result of many months of work and consultation. Over the coming months, we’ll be asking more and more people to get involved. Every Canberran can play a part in bringing our new brand to life.

It’s Just
The Beginning

While we’ve done a lot of strategic and creative thinking to get to this point, this is just the beginning. Successful city brands rely on a city-wide commitment. Our brand is the sum of our parts and we’re all responsible for shaping and telling Canberra’s story, for building and delivering on our brand promise. Every voice counts.

Second Century

In March, we will bring all this work together to demonstrate to the world that Canberra is ready to enter its second century with a sense of confidence about the brilliant possibilities that we offer.

Have a

You can take a cynical view, and distance yourself from this process and from the new approach. But we hope you’ll embrace it. Because, if you do, you’ll help create the momentum that will take us forward. And that will bring benefits to every Canberran.

During these initial months, there will be a range of opportunities for you to contribute and get involved. You may be able use and activate our new brand within your own organisation. You might simply share the message with family and friends beyond Canberra.

Get involved.

The most important thing to change is your thinking. Think it, believe it, and you’ll change the way you talk about Canberra. Then others will believe it too.

I’m your history. 
I’m looking forward.
I’m for all Australians.
I’m the nation’s capital.
I’m Ready