We’re not afraid of competition, but we understand that the best results are often gained by collaboration. Sharing knowledge can improve the outcome for everyone.


Canberra is youthful. The median age here is well below that of Australia in general and a substantial student population helps keep the city humming.  But it’s a youthful outlook and a willingness to embrace the new that keeps us ahead of the times.


While we’re constantly breaking new ground, we don’t define ourselves by the latest fad or fashion. We look below the surface, to discover what is of enduring value. 


The life of the mind is important in Canberra. With five universities represented here, ideas flourish and debate can take place at a higher level. We look for right solutions, not easy ones.


We know when to be serious, but we also know how to have fun. There’s more happening in Canberra than ever before. Our city has come alive.


It’s not just the power of politics. The power of thought-leaders in science, research, education and business means that what happens in Canberra matters to the nation.

I’m creative.
I’m looking to the future.
I’m pursuing my dreams.
I'm Ready