Connected City

Canberra is about connectedness and the exchange of ideas, with unique interaction between government, science, research, education and business. Because it’s Australia’s capital city, big things happen here. It’s a city for all Australians, because of the stories told in our great national institutions. Most of all, as we pass our 100th birthday, it’s a city that has come of age. Our new brand needs to reflect all that, and more.

What we value

When you develop a brand, it's important to know what it stands for. These are the intangible things that draw people together as a community. Our values.

After many conversations, we arrived at a list of five key values that, in combination, make Canberra unique. 

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  1. Ideas
  2. Free Spirit
  3. Challenge
  4. Discovery
  5. Quality of life

New Generation

Celebrating our centenary has helped us focus on what’s special about our city, and given us a sense that there’s an exciting future ahead. A new generation of bright young people have grown up here and are ready to embrace that future.

Canberra's Personality

Just like people, cities have personalities. It’s the ‘vibe’ you feel when you visit or do business there. And, just like people, cities that pretend to be something they’re not will soon be found out.

We needed to find the ‘real Canberra’ and express the city’s personality in a strong and positive way.

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  • collaborative
  • contemporary
  • genuine
  • thinking
  • vibrant
  • influential

of Canberra

The next step in the brand development process is to find one simple expression of what Canberra is all about. This is the central thought that sits behind everything we say about our city. In marketing-speak it’s called the ‘brand essence’. It summarises the attributes, values and personality of the city. We’ve defined Canberra’s brand essence as “brilliant possibilities”.

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Brilliant Possibilities

Expressing the brand

Here’s where we get into the actual words, symbols and pictures. Where we give the image of the city a makeover, to reflect who we are today. This website is one of the first expressions of the new brand, with its bold CBR symbol, striking colours and confident new look.

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